Monday, July 30, 2012


Meet Janet. Janet has been living in Washington Park, apparently for a while. When trapped, she was pregnant. She had a swollen upper lip, a wound on her nose, and many missing and fractured teeth, including fractured canines.  Luckily she tested negative for both FIV and FeLV.

This pretty girl had come to the attention of Adrienne D., who saw her in the park, and who then realized that kitty had stashed two kittens in a gardening shed. 

Those two kittens, trapped last month, are
Iris and May. Both Iris and May have congenital issues with their eyes; I have to wonder if poor Janet was so depleted, so hungry, that her in utero kittens simply did not get adequate nourishment. We'll report more on Iris and May very soon.

But in the meantime, Adrienne has been on the look-out for Janet, and last week she trapped her. Adrienne took Janet to Treehouse for her veterinary care, and is holding onto her, at least for a while, while she recovers and to see what's what. Adrienne writes that  "She's a sweetie.  I kind of love her already."

It's very gratifying to know that Janet won't be contributing any more kittens to the park's ecosystem, and that her last two -- and Janet herself -- will know a better quality of life. Thank you Adrienne for noticing, caring, and acting, and to Ruth for facilitating the rescue. 
*** Thanks to recent donors: James M., to Scott C. for the nice cat carrier. And a special thanks to Michael C., who donated some items in honor of his cat, Alexis, who recently died. We will put Alexis' things to good use. ***

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Saffron update

Saffron is in Hyde Park. He's very tiny and very sweet. And pretty adorable!

Friday, July 27, 2012


Saffron is a two-month-old little boy who was surrendered to a high-kill animal impound by his owner. Because he is an owner-surrender, the impound is not required to have any time hold on him. We received an email about Saffron with the information that his euthanasia date was 2pm ... today.

Saffron has been claimed by Hyde Park Cats and is en route to us. One adorable flamepoint Siamese mix to be available for adoption soon!

Would you like to help us save kittens like Saffron? Rescuing from impounds has to happen quickly. These kitties then need a two-week quarantine (all incoming cats need this quarantine) and so we typically cannot house these kitties in our foster network. If you would like to join us as a two-week quarantine foster giver, please write to us at 

Thursday, July 26, 2012


REGENSTEIN ... the magnificent. Regenstein is one of those cats who charms everyone he meets. He is the handsomest man, outgoing and loving. This young healthy Maine-coon type cat has gorgeous facial markings and  all the characteristics of a Maine Coon -- long, fluffy tail, large paws, elongated body, and a neck ruff. He also has a lovely personality characteristic of Maine Coons -- very social, curious, and affectionate. He is very  playful. His favorite toy is the ball in the ring, and he has been known to enjoy a bit of nip. He is also very smart -- beware! Regenstein will be a wonderful companion who will reward your love with loyal, unending devotion.

THANK YOU RECENT DONORS! Thanks to Mike H. and James M., who support us with monthly gifts, t Linda N., and to Adrienne D., who says "Iris and May made me do it :)"  . Thanks also to some folks who donated stuff: a carrier from Mario S., a covered litter box from John K., and lovely food from Sara B. We put your donations to use in our foster network as well as where applicable for our feral friends.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


One of the Liliana alley cats, possibly nursing a litter. What do you think, readers, is this a torbie? Tortie-co?

More heat in Chicagoland today. Please keep all your animals, including ferals, well watered.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Kenya was adopted from Hyde Park Cats last year, but her owner is in the midst of a family emergency and we are putting her back on the market.  Her owner is incredibly sad but hopes that someone will come along to give Kenya a new forever home filled with love and affection.

Our original post on Kenya, when she was found just wandering around a busy street, meowing for help.

See an adorable video of Kenya playing with her favorite toy here!

Fostermom Sophie writes, "Kenya is very sweet, active, and playful. She likes to be the center of attention and is very vocal about what she wants: cuddles! Her favorite toys are ones that you can use with her, like feather toys and string. She's gentle and loves to meet people, but might need some time to adjust to a new home."

So let's review ... Beautiful. Healthy. Cheap date. Loving. Smart. Awesome! Apply to adopt Kenya by emailing

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Marmalade Garden Kitten

Garden Kitten

This friendly kitten was found in one of HP's community gardens. He is only three or four months old and has already had his shots, been neutered, tested (neg/neg), and has no fleas or mites. We are seeking a foster or adopter for him! He is very friendly and purrs like mad when picked up, but is in desperate need of a placement. His kind finder had all his vet care taken care of but simply has no room for him -- and neither do we. 

If you are interested in finding out more about fostering or adopting MGK (Marmalade Garden Kitten) please let us know:

Monday, July 16, 2012

Diego in the alley

Diego, a resident of the Liliana alley. He was TNRed a year ago and is in good shape.

Thanks to some recent donors: James M., Mike H., Anna F., who donated “to help with medical expenses for Iris, May and mama cat," China W., who says "Thank you for all you do!", and also thanks to Parkers Pets and the wonderful customer who donated a box of canned food for us!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


M. Pierre
Pierre is a sweet boy who is tired of using up his ninelives on the streets in a rough neighborhood. Pierre was originally part of a TNR’d colony on the south side ofChicago, but became very friendly over the past couple of years.  He is hesitant with new people, but has learned that people he sees on a daily basis are OK; assoon as he sees his caretaker he starts rolling over to displayhis tummy for a good rub-down.  Heis a very loving kitty who has had it pretty rough and needs a patient mom ordad to help him feel comfortable.   

Pierre has reason to be hesitant with gettingto know people: he was shot in the head with a BB gun and still has a BB justbelow the skin in his temple, which is causing no harm to him and which doesnot need to be removed.   Pierre likes other cats and dogs and is just an all-around greatguy.  He just needs for you to be patientwhile he gets to know you.

Kittens! Iris and May update

Beautiful Iris

Sisters Iris and May were found last month by a volunteer in Washington Park, living in a garden shed. See previous posts about these little furballs here and here.

The best cat toys are free

Susan writes, "It's been two weeks since Iris and May moved in and they are an adorable handful! Iris is the leader of the two and loves to explore (She is a short haired kitten, with orange and gray colored stripes) . She is also quite the daredevil, never letting her lack of one eye slow  her down. She loves to play and practice pouncing on her sister as well as to play with string, boxes, and her favorite toy of all, her sister's fluffy tail."  
Lovely May

"May is her opposite and is very calm, even sitting calmly as her sister pounces on her tail (She is a long haired, dark brown). She is happy to relax in the window or in her favorite potted plant. They both like being petted and given belly rubs. These two have so much energy and love being in a room with their sister or with people (and will often cry when they can't find their sister). They have taken to following us around the apartment like puppies. They would be a great addition to any household whether you wanted a playful cat or a relaxed one."

Kitten on a tissue box. That is all.

Iris and May are bonded sisters so must be adopted together.  Email to meet Iris and May!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Squish and Nuzzle

Squish and Nuzzle are two tiny darlings that were rescued from a high-kill animal-control facility from which we occasionally take cats. This facility does no adoptions so there are only two ways out for animals like Squish and Nuzzle, who were voluntarily surrendered by an owner: to be euthanized or to be 'pulled' by a rescue group.

Fostermom Samantha writes: "Nuzzle  is the lighter, tiger striped grey sister, always exploring, always curious, always ready to tackle and jump and play and escape from your hands ... Squish is the darker sister with such pretty dark gold eyes: she purrs and mews till you pick her up, is always ready and eager for a snuggle, and is content to nuzzle my neck and groom my chin and eyelashes~ even if she's playing if you rub her little head she is instantly yours and will let you tickle her tummy till she's dozing...

They love each other but are happy playing apart, and are a fantastic balance of personalities; I am  so excited for whoever gets them!"

Squish and Nuzzle, like our other kitten pairs, are destined to be lifelong companions; you can find information about the benefits of adopting kittens in twos here

Monday, July 9, 2012

Dog day: Harper


Harper was found by CPD on the side of a road huddled around a dead cat (likely hit by a car). Even in last week's scorching heat, she wouldn't leave the cat's side, enduring horrible sunburn on her emaciated body, and burning flesh off her paws on the cement. 

My conjecture is that the "owners" abandoned their pets together. Now Harper is alone. I say -- cat people! Here is the dog you have been waiting for!

Harper is available for adoption through New Leash on Life.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Ike is waiting!

Ike in the animal control facility

Ike in his new foster home

Ike was rescued from a nearby animal control facility last month. This facility does no adoptions so there are only two ways out for animals like Ike, who was voluntarily surrendered by an owner: to be euthanized or to be 'pulled' by a rescue group.  After a brief stay at Treehouse, he made his way to his new foster home with Sarah and her roommates, who write, "Ike continues to settle in well and has no problems interacting either with his fosterparents or any of the other friends we might have over; he is very much a social cat who enjoys company. He remains very talkative (almost like he is part Siamese) but has mostly confined his meowing to instances where we are directly around and he just wants our attention; he has stopped meowing for the sake of meowing and is quiet, for the most part, at night, although he is not afraid to come into your bedroom when the sun is rising to ask why you haven't fed him yet.

Ike is also very curious and energetic; nothing pleases him more than peeking into the cabinets or refrigerator when you open their doors, and he will chase his toy mouse or random string around the apartment. When he is in a playful mood he also seeks out human fingers and toes to grapple with and nip on, but we are working on breaking him of these more antisocial habits. Ike loves faces and hair and delights in sitting on your chest and investigating what little "fur" humans have, but as time goes on he gets better at doing this only when invited to do so. He is intrigued by human food, the table, and the kitchen counter but is also learning, slowly, that these things are not approved for cats.

He isn't all craziness, sociability, and energy; as I'm writing this he is snoozing on a large coloring book in the corner of our living room, and he loves to nap underneath chairs. He's gotten much calmer since the first few days we had him, when he was nonstop meowing and in constant need of attention, although he still loves to talk, to follow you when you go into the kitchen, and to clamor for your attention when he grows tired of sleeping, eating, and exploring. All in all, Ike is a very cute, soft, sociable cat who loves to be where his humans are and loves to play, and he is learning manners to go along with all his adorableness."

Thank you to Sarah and roommates, who are on their first fostering adventure! Ike has been neutered, tested neg/neg, and is up to date on shots.  Write to to meet this feisty guy and give him a forever home!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Reggie outside

Reggie enjoying his new air-conditioned digs!

Reggie is a handsome orange-and-white tabby who began frequenting Diane's 61st street feeding station some months ago. Reggie has been impatiently sleeping in the hostas for several months now, but his time has come and we're happy we could get him inside into Michael's nice cool garden-level apartment before the heat hit! 

Michael writes, "Reggie is doing really well. During the day, he enjoys sitting by the a/c on my wide window-sill while his pale green eyes chase the city critters. He's lanky and has a beautiful lightly striped orange coat. He gets a little nervous whenever a new face enters the room but opens up whenever he sees that they have hands to pet his face with. Whenever the petting stops he gives out a few adorable little meow-yelps and nudges his face into the back of your hand. He is talkative and will occasionally call out for attention but he isn't overactive. Reggie is a very well mannered and handsome young man. He would be a great addition to any home."

Reggie has been neutered, is up-to-date on shots and neg/neg.  Email to meet Reggie!

And a reminder:  don't forget extra water for your animals and for any outdoor animals you care for or for whom you suspect are in your vicinity!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Kittens! Eve and Eden

A family of three kittens and a young mom were reported to us a couple of months ago by several different South-of-the-Midway volunteers. One kitten was napped with an old-fashioned string and box method; two others, plus the mom, were trapped by one of our volunteers in collaboration with Jen, upon whose porch the family had landed.

The little family went to the vet, and then Mamacat Claudia went home with Jen. Eden and Eve, the two remaining kittens, went into our foster-care system. They are now in the same home as the volunteer who trapped them, where they spend a lot of time with Toby, the adult foster cat.

Eden, the tabby baby, may be shy at first but is a real cuddler at heart. Her human friend Melissa writes that "she sits in my lap, purrs, and rubs against me. She likes her back scratched and even rolls on her back to have her belly rubbed. Eve, the black-and-white, "is very playful: she can't resist a string or better yet a string with a bunch of feathers tied at the end. She is good at channeling her inner jungle cat." 

Eve and Eden are  inseparable sisters. Because they are a bonded pair, who love and groom each other and sleep in each others arms, they must be adopted together. Write to to apply to bring these little ladies home.