Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thank you so much for all who have donated towards Iris and May's surgery. We're not there yet, so please continue to think of us. Every dollar counts when we're facing a major financial commitment like this.

It was rather amazing and humbling to see that donors towards Iris and May's surgery from come from not only our homebase here in Chicago but all over too! Thanks and Happy Valentine's Day to Judith L. in Florida, Lydia K. and Leah R. from San Fran, Lana J. in the Big Apple, Andrea C. in Riverside CA, Heidi N. in Texas, Carolyn B. in St. Louis, Sarah E. in VA, Dawn P. in PA, Jennifer R. in La Jolla, George D. in Lake Balboa, CA, and Elizabeth G. in Santa Cruz ... and thanks Canadian friend Lucy J. in Calgary!

Thanks also to Chris S. in Indiana (who also helped saved our newest fosterkitten -- more to come on that) and our friends in and around Chicago: Kathleen H. (Forest Park), Desislave P., Laura S., Louise L., Diane H., Rhonda S., Brenda J. Helen-Mary S., Emily S., Claire B., Margaret K., Eric S., Elissa W. S., Barbara S., Kim C., Erica E., Janice N., Kim T., as well as a local anonymous donor.


Dawn said...

It is an honor to give to such a worthy organization and to help the little fur babies. I am a native Chicagoan an miss my City. This is a small way of staying connected and giving to something I truly believe in. Keep up the great work!
Dawn P. Morrisville PA

bundeleh said...

Thanks Dawn. Kind words from our friends really help to keep us motivated!