Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Iris and May

Iris and May were found, with their mommy, Gertie, in a gardening shed in Washington Park last summer.

Poor Gertie was just a kitten herself and had few teeth; it's possible she wasn't able to get enough nutrition to her kittens in utero, because both were born with congenital eye defects. In addition, life in a gardening shed being less than sterile, both kittens had eye infections. Iris' eye infection was so severe that she ended up with only one functioning eye.

Despite their beginnings Iris and May are sweet and adorable. But the time has come, now that they are big and strong enough, to address their eye situations -- surgically. Both sisters have agenesis of the eyelids, meaning that their eyelids did not develop normally or completely. They require surgery to repair their eyelids; in addition, Iris will need to have her non-functioning eye removed.

The total cost for their surgeries is around $4000. We have a promise of $500 from the couple who wants to adopt them. We need to collect $3500. This amount is too large for Hyde Park Cats to absorb without extra contributions from our friends. Can you help?

To donate to Iris and May's surgeries, please hit the PAYPAL button to the right or send an email to to inquire about mailing a check. Please know that small donations do add up! We appreciate donations of any amount.

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