Monday, February 11, 2013


Petra is an all-black Manx cat we rescued from the Animal Welfare League last week. She had been there for at least a month, very afraid in her cage. Fostermom says "she's soooo sweet -- she starts purring softly when you pet her but she is to scared to approach yet (she may be afraid of the resident dog)." Petra was turned into AWL unspayed, and had indeed born kittens in the past, but is now fixed. She had a hernia in her abdominal wall from an unknown trauma (dog attack?). She is an adult kitty, maybe seven, but quite tiny and did we mention ... without a tail? Email to find out more about this sweet little lady.

Big meows of thanks to some recent donors -- Julian H. ("Man"), Mike H., Nadia Q. (she who brought us Sweet Pea!) and Norah O'D., who earmarked her donation for alley-cat food. And thanks to community folks who donated food, litter, and cat toys to the donations bin at Parkers! AND thank you to Parkers -- for food for our foster babies, for gathering donations, and for the unending moral support.

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Leslie S. said...

I'm so glad that Petra is in a loving home! I remember how withdrawn she was when I first saw her at AWL.