Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Iris and May: GOAL MET.

Great news! We have met our goal on fundraising for Iris and May!

Trio Animal Foundation (TAF)  has made a very generous donation to us to cover the entire gap between our wonderful individual sponsors and the surgical costs. TAF is a Chicago-based 501(c)(3) charitable organization that assists shelters, rescues, and individuals by paying the medical bills of homeless pets (of course, they also promote spay/neuter and responsible pet-adoption practices). TAF is very invested, as are we, in our local Animal Welfare League facility, and so they are ALSO donating towards the veterinary care of some of our recent AWL pulls! A huge thanks to TAF and their generous donors! They do some amazing work.

To our most recent round of individual donors, we give our thanks: Allison L. in NYC, Jane M., Carol K. in OH, Donna H. in Seattle. We're a locally operating rescue so of course many of our friends are here in Chicago and suburbs: Mike H., Anne F. (cat sweater!), Emily D., Ruth A., Amy M., Gretchen E., Megan M., Venzie M. (who just adopted Topaz!), Sophie W., Fredric and Pamela C., Anna F. It also appears some cats have been approved for Paypal accounts: big purrs to "Ashy-Guy," "Bubbles," and "Four Cats."

If you haven't been keeping up-to-date with the scoop on Iris and May, check it out, they have their own blog.

Plans for the actual surgery to fix Iris and May's eyes are in the works; we will keep you posted!

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lilolady said...

Incredible, HPC, congratulations!