Thursday, February 21, 2013

Iris and May update


The donations for Iris and May's eye surgery have continued to come in; however, we are still short of our goal. Please consider perhaps converting your February donut money into donation money for Iris and May (and share your decision with two receptive friends).  We're pretty close! Help us close the gap.

THANK YOU and biscuits to recent donors to our special surgery fund:  from Chicago and environs, Patrick H., Bryan L., Erin G., Juliet H., Yoko K., Norah O'D, and Whisker (I know who you are!). And from Tucson AZ -- Paula F. We also had two TN-based donors, so I suppose our influence is moving south ... thanks to Kathryn L. and especially to Bela H., who donated not only money but created our Valentines Day graphic. Thanks Bela! And thanks for the cash right through my mailslot, Kirsten O. and Alison N. -- now that's local giving!

To read more about Iris and May and why we need this special campaign, click here: 

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