Monday, February 25, 2013


Part of our work at Hyde Park Cats is to provide appropriate veterinary care for our charges. Molly here went to our local vet lately for an ouchy eye, and had a fluorescent dye put in to check for lesions or scratches. Some antibiotic drops and lysine later and things are looking up for this SUPERSOFT silvery chinchilla-like kitty. The vet and assistant couldn't resist holding her ...

Who is Molly? Molly was one of our recent 'pulls' from the Animal Welfare League. She was adopted by a mother cat who had one kitten of her own! They had been at AWL for three months ... that is, her entire kittenhood. She's now out of pokey, in a foster home, and available for adoption (as is her mom and sister -- more info on them shortly).

Big meows of thanks to some recent donors -- Julian H. ("Man"), Mike H., Nadia Q. (she who brought us Sweet Pea!) and Norah O'D., who earmarked her donation for alley-cat food. And thanks to community folks who donated food, litter, and cat toys to the donations bin at Parkers! AND thank you to Parkers -- for food for our foster babies, for gathering donations, and for the unending moral support.

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