Thursday, February 7, 2013


We will let new foster mom do the talking for our new intake, Mr. Lincoln, who is estimated to be approximately 16-18 years old.  He was previously relinquished at HPAC and taken in by a community volunteer for a little while, but their situation recently changed and he has now become a Hyde Park Cat:

"Lincoln is a sweet old thing with a lion's prowling, soulful eyes.  He's very easy-going, and never lacks for curiosity, even being eager to explore our apartment on his first night with us. Lincoln's so regal, calm, sweet and curious that we think he must have been one of the cats revered in ancient Egypt in a past life. He adores having his head and cheeks scratched, and if you scratch him on the right side of his face and cup his head just so, he'll be sure to reward you with a blissful look, lots of purring, and a chuckle-worthy tick where he jerks his back leg.

It's heartbreaking to think of this wonderful old soul stuck in a shelter, overlooked and waiting to be euthanized. We think his venerable old age and especially his incredibly sweet, mild and loving temperament deserve only comfort, ease and love in return."

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