Sunday, December 30, 2012

EffiBear update

We recently received a nice update on Effi, one of our alumni from 2010. He's now BEAR. Furrever mom writes in that "Effie-Bear is thriving. He's more fun than any cat I've ever had. He has a great personality, is loving, AND likes puppy training treats!!!! JAcKPOT!"

Thank you so much to Nemo Jamez -- and his humans -- who recently donated in memory of those who died at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Nemo's people took the time to come to Hyde Park on their drive through the city westward for the holidays and stop with a very generous donation for Hyde Park Cats and Animal Welfare League -- a generous donation of cat food, dog food, litter, and assorted goodies.


Are you looking to make an end-of-year gift to an organization that makes a difference? Consider Hyde Park Cats! Over the last 4.5 years, using only volunteer hours and donated dollars, we have found furrever homes for 300 cats who would otherwise be on the streets. We have spay/neutered hundreds of cats, leading to a reduction in the homeless cat population in our slice of the world. And we've made a stronger community!

Tax-deductible donations can be made directly to Tree House Humane Society, the low-cost spay/neuter clinic where we have the majority of our veterinary care done, for the exclusive use of Hyde Park Cats. To make a tax-deductible contribution, please send a check to:

Tree House Humane Society Bucktown Branch
ATTN: Doug Stoltzfus
1629 North Ashland Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622

Checks should be made out to Tree House Humane Society with Hyde Park Cats designated in the memo line. These donations will be used directly toward spay, neuter and vaccination veterinary services for Hyde Park Cats ferals and friendlies. Please note that to be credited to the Hyde Park Cats account, donations must be sent to Doug at the Bucktown Branch of Tree House as specified above.

Friday, December 28, 2012


Sheba came inside right before Halloween, and proven to be just a lovely and easy housecat. Fostermom says "she's perfect."  Sheba is a very relaxed and friendly young girl cat, surely not even one year old. She is the perfect family pet; very sweet and relaxed with children. She enjoys being held and petted, but can also amuse herself. She has been fostered with a relaxed dog and is friendly with the dog as well. Sheba is a very shiny black cat with a bright white medallion on her chest. It's not too late to end 2012 the best way possible -- with a new furry family member! 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Xmas for Cats

A merry Christmas to our Christmas-celebrating friends. Above is a photo of Theo, previously U-Haul. Furrever mom says "Theo is MYSTIFIED by the holiday lights. He loves to stare and stare at them. I'm thrilled to share my first holiday season with him as a family. 

Theo could care less about toys from stores. His favorite games involve crumpled up pages from magazines and hiding under covers. He also knows the words "snack" and "snuggle." 

Sometimes Saxby drives Theo a little crazy. (Saxby can't hear and he doesn't meow, so I've seen them have all kinds of misunderstandings.) But Theo has recently started to lick Saxby's coat which is so sweet. Saxby is too old to clean himself so I run over his coat with a damp washcloth. Saxby hates the washcloth but loves it when Theo gives him a good once-over. It just shows how kind Theo is and that even though Saxby frustrates him sometimes he's figuring out that we're a family. 

Last story - whenever I'm out of town for work I have a pet sitter stay over. It took Theo awhile to trust her but now he really likes her. She said the funniest thing to me the other day. She said "Theo just has SO MANY FEELINGS." I laughed so hard because it's so true. That's exactly why he was so tough to care for in foster care! He has so many FEELINGS! I thought you would get a kick out of that."

Oh we do, furrever mom. We sure do. 


Thank you so much to Nemo Jamez -- and his humans -- who recently donated in memory of those who died at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Nemo's people took the time to come to Hyde Park on their drive through the city westward for the holidays and stop with a very generous donation for Hyde Park Cats and Animal Welfare League -- a generous donation of cat food, dog food, litter, and assorted goodies. 

Merry Xmas!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

last minute gift-giving: ok!

THERE IS STILL TIME to get a gift and have it delivered for Christmas! Hyde Park Cats has electronic gift certificates available! Two options: we can send your recipient a beautifully formatted email directly from us, letting them know you donated in their name. OR we can email you something you can print out (perhaps to hang on a tree).


Saturday, December 22, 2012

JJ and Reginald -- updates! Video!

Just a couple weeks ago we wrote about how Juliet and her family successfully trapped two street cats. As sometimes happens, the cat who was so afraid of you on the street turns out to be a sort of marshmallow who melts your heart once safely inside. JJ and Reginald are both friendlies. Right now they're being isolated in bathrooms because Juliet can't bear to put them back on the street! If you are interested in fostering or applying to adopt, please write Reginald and JJ are not a pair and should be adopted separately.
Juliet writes:

"Reginald is about 1 year old. He is AMAZINGLY friendly and great with kids. Reginald deserves a forever home rather than a life on the streets. He is a gem"

"JJ is waaaaay too friendly to be put out on the street. And he is FIV+. There are few cats that are friendlier than JJ. He communicates so well and is a total love bug. Can you be the greatest love of his life?"

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Xmas Gifts from HPC / Topaz

Need a holiday gift?
Well, we don't believe in giving cats as gifts. But Topaz here would love to be your gift to yourself this Christmas! She's a wonderful darling girl who has been waiting patiently for a furrever home. Wouldn't you like to wake up to this beauty under your tree? Apply today at!

Not ready to adopt Topaz, or need a gift for someone else?  We have electronic gift certificates available! Two options: we can send your recipient a beautifully formatted email directly from us, letting them know you donated in their name. OR we can email you something you can print out (perhaps to hang on a tree).

Your blog writer is Jewish and will be emailing these right through Christmas Day!


Tuesday, December 18, 2012


A beautiful offering from Heather S., our TNR partner in the Pullman neighborhood.

Dolly was once an emaciated, filthy kitty, covered with dirt and oil and living in the underside of an abandoned car in Roseland.  You would never guess upon meeting her a few months ago that she would become the healthy, vivacious, fuzzy creampuff that she is today.  Dolly was not quite sure a few months ago how to handle being pet and loved on, but she now demands it and often goes into a drooling, purring trance when getting a good scratch behind the ears.  She is friendly, curious, and playful, and has just started to figure out how fun kitty toys can be, particularly sticks with strings or feathers attached.  Dolly loves attention and being around people now but can still be a little leery of too much manhandling.  Dolly has been around kids ages 8-12 and has been great, but is not a fan of tail pulls (no surprises there).  She has a sweet, independent personality and is very happy to be warm and fed and inside with people.  She is waiting for her forever home!

Hey! Thanks donors Anna F., Mike H., Juliet H. and Barbara S.! Gifts like yours keep us in the "fixings." Hahahahaha!

Monday, December 17, 2012


Nyameche wrote in over the weekend to say "I found the sweetest stray cat today on my back porch. He or she (I'm not sure which) came to me as soon as I saw him or her. It immediately began mewling and cuddling. I fed it and have it set up with a litter box. It had a collar, but it was filthy and had no tags. The cat is also filthy and is nearly skin and bones. I gave it a bath to the best of my abilities, but I'm really bad at bathing cats. So now it is still dirty and also damp. However, despite the bath it is still so sweet and good-humored and hardly leaves my lap (this could be because it is so chilly from the bath, though)." 

This kitty is now called Lily and you can see how pleased she seems with her box and its proximity to the radiator. We will get this girl some veterinary care today. Thank you to the Nyameches of the world, who have care and compassion for the filthy hungry small beings who appear on their doorsteps.

And thank you to some recent donors -- Julie S. and James M., thanks! To Martha B., as always a shaynem dank. And to Nathan LaP., a huge purry thanks.

Friday, December 14, 2012

JJ and Reginald -- trapped!


Juliet lives on the northern edge of Hyde Park. She wrote in recently to say "We've taken to feeding two stray cats on our porch. One is all black and appears to have been TNR'd as its left ear is tipped. The other is gray and probably was abandoned as s/he wears a collar that is much to small and tight for it. We have heated food and water bowls for them." Well this morning Juliet send these photos -- trapped! Ready to go to Treehouse for any necessary veterinary work!

Juliet says "JJ has the sweet meow ever ... I think he has the potential to be someone's housecat."  Good work Juliet! 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cassie and Kio are waiting!

Kio and Cassie are an adorable brother/sister pair. Kio is a boisterous young guy who loves a good romp around the apartment and bird watching out the window. Fostermom says "Kio even greets me as soon as I get home with a unique little meow letting me know he wants a hug before I do anything else (he may just want his dinner but I like to think he enjoys my hugs)! Cassie is a little quieter, but as soon as I sit down for even a minute she'll snuggle into my lap and purr away. She really enjoys being groomed and scratched under the chin. They make quite the couple and are always either cuddling together or chasing each other! They're going to make some cat owner very lucky, between the two of them there is so much personality!"

Because this is a bonded pair, they must be adopted together; however, we will waive the second fee. Email us at to meet these loving siblings!

Thanks a million purrs to recent donors Sheila R., Mike H., and Jennifer P.

Monday, December 10, 2012

special project: 45 cats, 1 house

Hyde Park Cats is partnering with Tree House Humane Society to help vet and eventually re-home 45 indoor cats. A well-meaning individual with very limited resources, took in a pregnant female 6 years ago and the situation got out of control. While the cats are in an extreme over-crowding situation, the person caring for them is cooperating and very interested in properly caring for and re-homing the cats. Instead of a mass evacuation to an unknown fate, HPC is working with Treehouse to find a humane solution for all involved in the situation. The cats are all about 3-6 years old and friendly. On December 11-13, 2012, they will all be transported to Treehouse and PAWS to be fully vetted. At that time, a number of cats will be moved to foster homes provided by Hyde Park Cats and Treehouse. Right now that number is very small as the number of open foster homes is very small. Cats that are not placed in foster will be returned with the goal of eventually moving all of the cats into foster. Help is desperately needed to transport the cats from the home to the clinics, funds for their full vetting and continued care in the home, and, most importantly, foster homes. Please contact if you feel you can help.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Meet Charleston! Charleston is a dapper gentleman who came to us from the streets, rescued by one of our busiest volunteers.

Fosterdad (who is a first-time fosterer superstar) writes, "When Charleston moved in, he started out (as expected) very nervous of his new surroundings. But even when he was still scared of his new foster home, whenever I was around he'd come out of hiding for a stroke as he brushed around my legs. He's always yearning for attention and whenever I come back home, he comes out to find me to be stroked and played with. Now that he's been here a few weeks, he's definitely settled in and confidently sleeps wherever he chooses! Sometimes that might be his bed or on top of a warm air vent, but more often than not it's on the couch or on the comfy chairs on top of my jacket. He's very well behaved, affectionate and playful, and loves to chase after me as I am walking to the kitchen, slipping and sliding across the wooden floor."

Charleston has been waiting a long time.  Will you be the one to make the wait for his own home end soon?  He has a clean bill of health, is approximately 3 years old, and is ready to commit his big tomcat heart to his forever person.  Email today to meet Charleston!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Brian is waiting

Brian is a bright orange teen/young adult male who was found on the west side of Washington Park. He loves people, particularly when they snuggle or hold him, and he's assertive with dogs. He is neutered, neg/neg, fun and playful, and ready to light the menorah or decorate your tree with you, or whatever, as long as you snuggle and kiss him and maybe throw a toy his way ...