Friday, June 26, 2009

MoeJoe goes home

A wonderful sentence with a lot of assonance: MoeJoe Goes Home!

MO was one of the Parkview cats, living in the alley at 51st and Evans (slightly west of Cottage Grove). When captured, she weighed only four pounds. It quickly became clear to Aimee that Mo wasn't a feral but rather a very frightened friendly. She stayed in Aimee's garage for a few days ... but that wasn't a tenable solution, and she had a terrible virus. So she went to Mary Jean's Casa de Cat, where, after a quarantine period, she was allowed the run of the place.

Then, she found a person.

MoeJoe went home on Wednesday with her person Helenmary. Mary Jean reports that "she cried loudly the whole way there. When she got there, she immediately ran into a little crack between the fridge and the cabinet and faced the wall. But I called half an hour later and Helenmary said that she had come out and was lolling on the floor, accepting pets."


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margaret said...

Hooray for MoeJoe!