Friday, June 19, 2009

Bacharach. Sad update.

Readers, sad news. Bacharach tested for FIV/FeLV since he was probably going to hang around the backyard where two other families let their cats patrol. He held his head funny and his meow was very strange. Bacharach tested positive for the composite test; when the staff in the clinic double-checked which disease, she found out it was both.

There is no place for an FIV/FeLV kitty except back out on the street, and that is just a slow death sentence--plus it puts other kitties at risk. So Bacharach was euthanized humanely.

He had a couple of weeks of reliable kibble and water and spent his days in the sunshine among the lilies on the south side of the building.

Thank you, Diane, for doing the right thing by this kitty.