Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thanks and some news and updates

Thanks to Annat for the donation of a foster kit -- litterbox, scoop, cat carrier, and a sleeping basket. We'll use this kit for one of our needy foster kitties! Thanks to the person who dropped off some food in a Shamrock Shuffle bag! Thanks to Margaret, Margaret, Anna, and Ginny for the new traps! Thanks to Malaina for shlepping that trap to my house!

In the news ...

To see pictures and read more about the cats named below, just type the name in the search bar at the top of this page.

Willa was released back into her outdoor environment. She was not responding well at all to human overtures and seemed terrified every moment.

Mo is in a foster home and has a cold, but is responding well to antibiotics. She is a lovely and friendly calico girl seeking her forever home, or at least a long-term foster placement. Are you looking for a petite, spayed, vaccinated kitty?

We are planning a mass trap in a neighborhood to our south in mid-June with Tree House. If you are interested in a day of service or in observing and learning about TNR, let us know (

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mhb said...

Oops! I was going to put a note on the bag of food, and forgot. Glad it got to y'all!

-Mary B