Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Stanley was living rough on the streets and allies around 58th and King when Eevie trapped him. Vicky brought him to Treehouse and he was neutered, vaccinated, and found to be disease-free. An friendly orange puffball, he quickly found a home with a graduate student in the Divinity School, and as these pictures attest, he's living the contented life of a treasured house cat. I wish all our kitties ended up like this.

Amanda sent in this update:

"Stanley and I have been together for almost one month now! He took a few days to adjust to his new home, remaining under the bed except when he needed to eat, but now he is king of the house. He switches between the window and futon, but I have a feeling that my newly installed air conditioner will tip the balance toward the window. Stanley loves attention and makes fast friends with whoever comes through the door. I maintain that I will always be his favorite, though, since no matter who comes to visit, he ends up sitting by my feet!"

This was a team effort and it paid off beautifully! Mazel tov to finding your forever home, Stanley!


WE STILL NEED FOSTER HOMES! Don't you want to foster a wonderful kitteh?


Yvonne said...

You look FABULOUS, Stanley! I am so happy for you, man. Thanks to everyone who came through for this dear guy.

Anonymous said...