Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Olive Update

Received this wonderful update from Nora, Olive's mom. Olive is the last-adopted of a litter of five rescued last year from a Hyde Park backyard. Read more about her story: here.

UPDATE: She's doing great! She's still super-shy around strangers and cautious around Adam, and guarded around me, but the best news is that she and Xavi are gradually becoming friends! The other day she finally figured out how to play this game he's been trying to teach her (you're supposed to alternate between being the chaser and the chasee, it's great fun), although she's still not convinced it's a good idea to wrestle with a 15-pounder. Her favorite time of day is bedtime, because that's when she can start cuddling with us without worrying that we will do something intimidating like talking and moving at the same time. She is gradually but perceptibly getting more confident, and she would like to make sure that you know that, whatever you might hear from Xavi, it is in fact she who is queen of the cat tree.

Thank you guys so much for rescuing her and letting her be a part of our lives. She is a total sweetheart underneath and we're happy she's with us.

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