Monday, September 10, 2012

Zumba for Kitties

Tonight! Zumba for Kitties!

Where: Nichols Park fieldhouse (53rd Street -- right near the Hyde Park Animal Clinic)
When: 7pm-8pm Mondays
How much: $5, and all profits go directly to us!
What: Zumba, baby. It's fun and any fitness level can participate. If I can do you can do it! And I do it!

Thanks to some recent donors: our sustaining friends Mike H. and James M., Vlad (who adopted Kenya and gave some much-appreciated extra!) and Alexis, who donated in honor of Shia. Shia went missing recently from her home south of the midway at 73rd and Cornell and has not been found. Please write us at if you have any information on her.

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