Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cassie & Kio

Brother and Sister - look at those eyes!

Cassie and Kio are a cuddly brother and sister pair. Kio is a gorgeous grey male with giant paws who absolutely loves to give hugs. He'll actually wrap his paws around your neck and just start purring away. He's very active and loves to play, especially with his sister. Little black Cassie is more shy than her brother and about half the size but once she warms up she's an absolute love bug and will sit contentedly in a lap for hours. They are both very sweet and even-tempered kitties! Cassie and Kio were born in an abandoned building in Bridgeport, and were originally adopted from us last year, but returned when their owner got a job that demanded a great deal of travel. They must be adopted together, and promise a lifetime of monochromatic cat love.

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