Thursday, September 27, 2012


Our Adoption Coordinator was walking her dog in an alley near Cornell and 54th Street yesterday morning when she heard the distinctive sound of kitten screaming. Upon investigation she found ... this, pouring its lonely and scared heart out to the world. Kitten's attempts to run away met with kitten's tush and tail sticking up comically from under a garbage can, from whence kitten was plucked, wrapped in a fleece sweater, and brought inside. The household girl has named her Oreo, because she has a white spot on her chest and on her tummy. She is just a tiny baby and very sweet.

Cats and kittens are not available for adoption until they have completed a certain amount of veterinary processing. Oreo is safe and sound for the moment; other cats and kittens are available right now; visit available for adoption to find out more!

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