Friday, September 21, 2012


Kim R., a black-cat aficionado, met Randy at the recent volunteer trip to AWL and just had to take him to her house to foster him. "It's difficult to believe that he'd been at AWL for almost 3 months, both because his coat is so beautiful and slick and because he has a ton of personality" reports Kim. "He is spunky and playful... he loves galloping across the apartment and wrestling with his foster brother Marlo (also formerly of AWL). At the same time, however, he is incredibly sweet and affectionate. Even though I've only been fostering him less than a week, he already climbs into bed with me and nuzzles his nose against my face like a dog. I think he'd be great for a home with other pets and/or children, as he doesn't mind horsing around!"

Randy is three or four years old, neutered, neg/neg, and all black save for a distinguished-looking white bow tie marking.

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