Saturday, September 18, 2010


Little Vania was found by the colleague of one of our active members in the woods behind their home in Indiana. Vania has coasted on his connections all the way to Claire and Olivier's fosterhome; he is four-six weeks old and will be available for adoption after some veterinary work-up and time getting to know Cato (foster sibling). We strongly promote adopting kittens in pairs.

Thanks to Robin S. for the carrier and towels!


Ruth said...

And he coasted with the utmost grace. Crossing the IL/IN border on the South Shore train, he was among its best behaved passengers. (Of course the family across from us fell in love with him and wanted to adopt him - and that was just seeing him through the carrier ...) If you are looking for cat to rival TS Elliot's Shimbleshanks the Railway Cat, Vania is your man. Or if all you want is a gorgeous, funny, friendly, confident, and playful cat with a cute little white spot at the tip of his tail, Vania is your man.

lakshmi said...

Cato would like me to let Vania know that she can't wait to meet him!