Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I love the first pic -- it's so very meta! Remember this photo of Istria on the blog?

Shofar is a VERY energetic and loving kitten who came to us from AWL. He is extremely energetic and playful and adores children. He is delighted when company comes over and is sure to greet every visitor. He follows Fostermom Tameka around all day long and likes to be "where the action" is. Shofar is very affectionate and loves to be held and rubbed. He shows his appreciation by purring very loudly.

Shofar is only one of the many wonderful cats and kittens for whom we are seeking homes. Apply today!


Ruth said...

Shofar's former owners left him outside AWL in a carrier. Didn't even take him inside a 'no questions asked; we talk all comers' shelter. But he is an amazingly happy and friendly young guy - he seems to have been well socialized and cared for until the end. When we met him at the AWL he was going crazy in the cage, desperate to get out. By the time he was in my garage - again in a cage - he was calm and purring. He seemed to know that he was being helped, the little sweetheart. He is now getting lots of loving attention from Tameka and he is lapping it all up ...

Ainat said...

This will be one very handsome cat! I think he will look like Minou. He has a very noble nose.