Monday, September 13, 2010


Bubbles appeared on the streets of Pullman a couple of weeks ago when her family moved away ... without her. She looks and sounds like a kitten but is probably a year old -- she is just a very dainty and petite kitty with a tiny voice. She is VERY cuddly and lovey and extremely friendly. It's hard to photograph her unless she's sleepy because she gets really wormy and twisty and won't stop moving when you are talking to her or paying attention to her. She is vaxed, spayed, neg/neg, and ready for her forever home.


lakshmi said...

omg! I was just saying to someone yesterday that Hiccup and Bubbles would be the best names for a pair of cats living together!

ScottM said...

We have a Bubbles and the name derivations quickly go downhill- Bubbles Trouble, Chubbles (yes she's somewhat overweight), Bubski, Bubushka, etc. So unless you want to have your cat go through the same identity crisis ours must go through I'd stay away from the name. (Of course that's what you get when you let your 6 year old name your cat in the first place.) Hopefully your Bubbles new family will be kinder with his namesake than my family.