Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Viola and Sebastian

Meet Viola (tiger) and Sebastian (gray and white), two probable siblings trapped over the weekend in an alley around Drexel and 55th Streets. We believe they are the older litter of a Mamma who is still out there (with a younger litter -- we're working on it). Viola and Sebastian are being fostered and socialized together. Viola is a little shyer than her brother, who was described by his socializer as "a big, cuddly purr factory." Viola watches Sebastian for cues, so we have high high hopes of continued growth in the friendliness arena. She loves to play with pipe cleaners.


Helenmary said...

I met Sebastian last week by 53rd and Ellis. The small girl who was petting him thought that I should adopt him, but I had to explain that I didn't think my two cats would appreciate it. He's very affectionate, though--I hope they both do well!

bundeleh said...

Helenmary, send us a picture of Maya and Jane together!

Ruth.M.Abbey.2 said...

Two excellent names for two beautiful cats.