Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bubble boys and girls

The Bubble Tea cats have had a visit to the vet. Everybody is in good health. The strangest news is that poor Tapioca has no fangs! We've assured her that going forward she is going to be an indoor cat and will no longer have to hunt for food. Can you make our promise come true? Tapioca is a superfriendly. She purred in the vet's arms! She was described by a volunteer as "the mellowest, sweetest cat EVER."

Coconut (mostly white) and Mango (mostly black -- longhair?)

Avocado (tabby and white -- looks like mamma) and Kiwi (black and white -- smallest by an ounce)

Below is a picture of the kittens cavorting in their temporary foster place


Anonymous said...

Lucky Tapioca - she wouldn't have lasted long on the street with no fangs!

Margaret Bussa said...

That's odd...I have a 7 year old calico girl with no fangs too....they just all broke one by one.

Unfortunately, about a year after she broke the last one, she kept getting sick and the vet realized when she went in for a dental that she had abscesses because of the broken may want the vet to make sure the roots aren't still in ther to cause problems later.

Ruth.M.Abbey.2 said...

Tapioca is eating up a storm and gaining some weight, although she is still nursing the two remaining kittens. She has a sweet, patient, docile, trusting temperament; she loves being stroked under her chin and has the longest tail I've ever seen on a cat. Mango is a real little gentleman in a tuxedo, and when he sits up straight he looks dressed to kill. When he and Kiwi are suckling they become completely mellow and love being stroked. Both cats seem to have inherited their mother's beautiful personality. These are three wonderful cats and will make some lucky people very happy.