Friday, September 18, 2009


Milo was found being played with by some young boys around 61st and Ingleside and was rescued from them ... well, we're sure they meant well. The vet estimated him at about five weeks, and he's eleven ounces. He's active and adventurous, constantly trying to climb everything, and he's the friendliest little kitten you could imagine; he wants to be petted all the time, and he loves playing with fingers and having his stomach rubbed.

He's currently on medicine for coccidia (an extremely common parasite), but the biggest struggle with him is getting him to eat. He will sometimes nurse a little from the bottle, or nibble on a bit of crushed dry food mixed with formula, but some days it's a struggle to get him to do either.

We may put Milo together with Chautauqua. Any donations of kitten formula are warmly welcome.

Thanks to all our volunteers for all the hours of furry labor. L'Shanah Tovah (a sweet and happy Jewish New Year) to all our volunteers, readers, and to the cats!

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Diane H said...

Putting him with Chautauqua might be good idea - when we were nursing Monkee last summer, she really turned it on when we started feeding her with the big cats. Kitten formula still but she really liked being around the rest of them.