Sunday, September 20, 2009

Stray or feral cat sighted at 54th and Cornell. Do you recognize this gentleman? He has two different colored eyes. He was reported as "thin and needy" and very vocal, but maintaining distance.

In excellent news, "Chautauqua" (renamed Mick, cuz he sings like Mick Jagger) is going to go to Puppy Love/Love Cats Rescue. They have an orphan kitty who is very lonely, too. He is a week or so older than our little man, but they'll become littermates in about five days, and then he will become adoptable through Puppy Love/Love Cats. Their focus is on saving Chicago dogs and cats that are homeless, neglected, abused, or destined to be euthanized, and their mantra is “Pets Are Family.” Thanks to Eevie for arranging that!

We have a bunch of ferals and semi-ferals trapped recently, and will be posting their pictures in the coming week.

Thanks to Greg and to David for the recent monetary donations, to Ginny and Eevie for the kitten formula, and to Anna for the carrier and the food. All our work is made possible by donations, and all our work is done by volunteers. Purrs!

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