Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Black and White Cat World: Kennedy and Karo

Kitten rescues have been keeping us busy, but that doesn't mean we can forget about our regulars at the various alleys, including Black and White Cat World. Diane has been feeding and tending her colony and it's been stable (except for one known litter -- damn that Juniper). Ellis, Little Buddy and Finzi circle the van as the food is being delivered, and then Ingleside will appear out of nowhere after the food is all doled out. Nimr, Rachamim and occasionally Rambam can generally be seen later in the evening. There has been a kitten in the other backyard who finally ventured into the alley in July and is pictured above (black and white) -- Kennedy. RIP Ted! The black cat pictured above has been hanging around for about a month and is Karo (continuing our tradition of rabbinical names for Black and White World cats).

You can see more about Black and White Cat World and all the cats named above by using the search bar in the top left-hand side of the blog.


Diane H said...

Kennedy is now officially Daisy Mae, recovering from her surgery and looking forward to being back with her compadres in B/W world.

Anonymous said...

Black and White links takes one back at least to early March. This New York follower is awed by the dedication and follow-through of this Hyde Park community toward all the needy kitty populations you discover. That the number of followers is growing is really heart warming. Congratulations!