Monday, September 8, 2008

what's next?

We're enjoying the cool-down after a hot summer, but thinking about the cats in the winter. We want to trap, neuter, and release (TNR) as many cats as possible before the winter -- to help them stay healthy, and to avert more kittens being born next spring.

We've caught sixteen nineteen cats from the alley so far, and four of those were friendly. One, James Bond, is currently at Tree House -- adopt him! We've also helped rescue Pants from a backyard and, from another backyard, Mamacat and five kittens, all of whom are going to be looking for homes. We have plenty more cats to try and TNR, both in "our" alley and in other neighborhood hotspots.

We're also trying to trap "Swift," a black male (?) seen skulking around Swift Hall ...

If you're interested in learning more, fostering, transporting cats to and from surgery, hosting them overnight before and after surgery, or donating cat food and/or money, leave your name in the comments field!

TNRed: Aida, Bobby, Chandra, Dana, Emilie, Felix, Gino, Harper, Jules, Kerry, Luka, Mona, Nino, Onyx, Pixie
Rescued (awaiting adoption): James Bond
Adopted: Bessie, Mimi, Isabella (and Pants)

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