Tuesday, September 16, 2008

kittenball (update on 5 kittens + Mammacat)

Feast your eyes on this delightful ball of kittens and cat. Soon we will split the kittens into "the shy two" and "the social three." We are seeking a foster home (or an adopter!) for Mammacat -- somebody who is cat savvy and who can work with Mammacat to socialize her and discover her true self. We are also interested in hearing from potential adopters for the kittens. Please leave a comment or email me directly at terren at uchicago dot edu to learn more. We need your help!


Moira said...

How can I adopt one of these kittens? I live in Hyde Park and I'd love to come see them! Please email me at mcassidy@uchicago.edu!

Marie said...

I'm interested in fostering, potentially. Please email me at mariem AT uchicago DOT edu.