Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Five kittens + Mama

A young black-and-white Mama cat and five kittens have been living in a backyard near 55th and University. All the kittens are cuuuuuuute, and Mama cat, pictured here, is adorable. It appears that the mama cat is a throwaway or stray, not a feral cat. She is cautious of people and protective of her kittens, but goes right into that kennel and awaits feeding. The kitten seen here was caught yesterday and is very handleable. It is the second-smallest of five cutiespies. We are hoping that all these cats could be pets.

Seeking any help ... particularly foster parents to socialize. If you can help in any way, please leave your name and email in the comments field.

UPDATE: The kittens and Mama cat are now on a waiting list to get into the PAWS Chicago adoption program. The wait time is approximately 3-5 weeks for the kittens, and 12 weeks for the mother. So, if you are thinking of fostering these guys, know it's not forever (unless you want it to be!). The sooner they get into a foster home, the more social they will be. They will not be taken in by PAWS or any other agency if they are not socialized. Please consider fostering for a few weeks to give these cats the chance at a life.

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