Monday, April 27, 2009

Qwerty on Petfinder

Qwerty is available for adoption now via Treehouse. I can't say I find this the most attractive photograph of the Q-man.

Treehouse makes sure each and every cat they have has a unique name -- they never repeat themselves! I'm so glad they had never had a Qwerty before!

Sounds like Qwertster is still settling in. His ear looks much improved.


Anonymous said...

Qwerty nose is ever so PINK! Think positive ala Susan Boyle, and the possibility that some loving human will take to this not-so-handsome boy and then discover a world of exceptional purrs and warmth.

Diane H said...

The pink nose is cute but for anyone who has seen Qwerty close up and in person, we know his coat is magnificent. I vote for a full body picture!

vicky said...

God help me if I don't snap him up myself! But a fourth cat? EEK! Still, I think he is beautiful.