Thursday, April 9, 2009

The blog owner is on vacation for a week.

Our email is being monitored locally, so if you have questions, find a cat (or other pet), lose a pet, need help or advice, please email

Pesach tov, chag semeach! Or, happy Easter. Or, enjoy watching the bunnies and birds of spring.

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vicky said...

Hi everyone,
Since there is no way to post without Terren around, I'm just adding this to the comments. Another cat has gone missing (last night). Described as black with a white stomach and white paws; chubby, no collar. Answers to Baby; indoor cat, likely frightened. 55th and Hyde Park.
Also, I believe 'Gaffer' is still missing--a large (18lbs) black and white cat, with rather a lot of white, I believe (I think I've seen him many times).
So please keep your eyes open; peek out your windows at night especially. I am leaving some food on my back steps. --Vicky