Friday, February 6, 2009


Libby was plucked from the streets just a few days ago!

Libby's foster mom, Meera, writes:

At some point this morning, Libby decided that the warmest chair in the house -- the one by the radiator -- was hers. She's been sitting in that spot most of the day since (getting up occasionally to eat or drink), looking like she was always there.

She's an incredibly sweet cat with the softest purr; you have to put your hand on her to feel it. She can't get enough of being petted or scratched behind the ears, and she climbs into any convenient lap. And while she loves attention, she isn't terribly needy (apart from last night's plaintive meowing, which we're hoping will not be repeated tonight now that she knows we're not going anywhere). She is, however, rather "kneady" when she gets her front paws on your legs or chest! Since her claws are clipped short right now, that's more pleasant than painful at the moment. She's very trusting, rolling over to expose her belly even though it's still shorn and a little red from her surgery, and she uses the litterbox very well. In short, Libby is a complete sweetheart, a very easy cat to take care of, and would make anyone a wonderful companion.

LIBBY IS AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION. Email or leave a comment with a valid address!


meeralee said...

More photos and updates on Libby here!


margaret said...

What a love!

Doc Imma said...

hey, i have to admit, I'm smitten. no promises yet before discussing it with the fam, but is Libby still available?


meeralee said...

Chana, people are in the midst of visiting Libby at the moment -- would you like to meet her? Send a note to the Hyde Park Cats email if so!