Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Flashback! Emily sent in these photos of the five kittens + mama cat from last fall (scroll thru older posts). She writes that "I believe [they] were born under my parents' porch ... these photos (taken by my mom on August 17th) depict Mama cat herding them to a new base of operations." Apparently Mamma Cat was a frequent visitor to their yard.

Mamma Cat and five kittens were rescued and rehomed. I sent these babypix on to their forever families and got these updates:

Lauren, who kept three of the five, writes that "Igby (FKA Whiteface) is now tipping the scales at 10 pounds and still growing. Bokeh (FKA Fuzzy) is about 9 pounds and still has totally disproportionate paws and head, so we're thinking he's gonna be a biggie. Malcolm (FKA Fatty), ironically, is a mere 6 pounds and looks like he'll be more of an apartment sized cat." Kat writes that "Teak (the runt with the heart problem) is also doing really well. He is still a little guy (though he may also be approaching 6lbs), and he is sooo sweet and gets along fabulously with dog and both cats." Kat also reports to me that the fifth kitten -- now named Olive, and in a third home, but with a 'step' brother -- has apparently "turned out to be a snuggly beast too."

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