Wednesday, January 21, 2009

update on Swift!

Mr. Swift’s new foster dad, Daniel, stopped by to give a report on Swift’s first few days in his new home. Predictably, at first Swiftie spent a lot of time behind the radiator (!) and under the bed. However, in the course of the long weekend, he got braver and showed more and more interest in exploring his surroundings. Daniel reports that he really likes the window sills. On Sunday, he rolled on his back and enjoyed some lap time, and that night he slept on Daniel’s bed. He is playing with toys but is also hugging them for security and comfort (especially the orange one). He is eating and grooming and using the litter box.

Daniel promises pictures but hasn’t been able to take any good ones yet. He has a large SLR camera, and Swift is scared of it! Swift is also frightened by the noises outside the bedroom door and the creaking floor boards from the upstairs apartment. Daniel and LuAnn are dying to pet him, but they are being very respectful of Mr. Swift, proceeding with caution and allowing him to determine the pace of contact.

Pictures soon!

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TarHeel55 said...

Such a heartwarming story! Thank you for the update!