Friday, January 23, 2009

Tom seeks a home

Tom is a neutered FIV positive male who was rescued from the streets. He is very vocal and loves to be petted, but he is also very shy until he gets to trust you. He will talk back when you talk to him, but getting him to come to you to be petted will take time.

Once he does trust you he'll be rolling over on his back and asking to be treated like a big teddybear.

He is about seven years old, and is in good health other than the FIV+ status. FIV (Feline Immuno-deficiency Virus) is a disease that can weaken a cat’s immune system. However, cats with FIV often live long and healthy lives. His rabies and other shots are current. but he hasn't been immunized against FLK yet. He is litterbox trained and uses the box consistently (and has never been seen to spray indoors). Warning: he will try to run out the door if you open it and he figures out its to the outside, so he needs to be kept away from open doors.

Tom Tom the Tom Cat is seeking a forever (or a foster-to-forever) home ... or even a foster home, because right now he lives in a basement (which is a big step up from living on the streets). Are you looking for a nice warm teddy?


sprachkrise said...

is Tom still available?

bundeleh said...

Yes! Tom is still available. Email me at for more info ...