Monday, April 28, 2008


Wow ... a big thanx to all the readers who sent us donations for our kitty-cat redemption fund. Here goes: THANX Sherry F., Susan S., Nancy P., Sharon B., Ron F., Steve W., Jodi H., Robin W., David P., Jennifer M., Amy D., Jennifer K., Sarah K., Laura K., Janet W., Liz C., the folks at Chicago Geneology, Krista G., Shannon S., the folks at Busby Bakes, and Jennifer P. in Evanston!

Whew! The cats thank you!

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Carole Past said...

Dear Friends, Just wanted to dispell Mary Schmich's notion that feral cats cannot be tamed! I have a 4yr old black cat that initially displayed extremely aggressive behavior(swatting,scratching,etc). After 2 months of positive reinforcement(treats/long handled brushing) in a large cage, he now licks my chin and endlessly purrs. The key word here is patience, friends. Ferals can come around!