Thursday, April 24, 2008

Izzie wants a home and a lap

This is IZZIE. She is a SWEETHEART, and totally tame! She is certainly less than one year, perhaps only 6 months. Mary Jean reports "I had a hard time taking a picture of her because she wanted to be close to me!"

Do you want a beautiful sweet tabby -- a true Hyde Parker, and a person with a good back story??


Anonymous said...

I read the article in Saturday's Trib [on-line] and had to visit your blog. I would take Izzie in a NY minute, but I live half-way across the country. How can I donate? I don't see a link or 'contact us' option on the blog. Please feel free to e-mail me at I'd like to help. Thank you for what you are doing.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Patti. I'd love to adopt Izzi, but I also live on the East Coast. I'm glad there are wonderful people like you to help animals.

Debbie said...


Did you put Izze on the waiting list with PAWS? Late last year I trapped a male kitty who I named Stosh. Stosh was tame and sick. Once we got him back on his feet (he had chronic runs, infected testicles and bad teeth) Paws took him in and he was adopted in less than a week--no kidding(he made the website with his new lady). Stosh was a rugged tuxedo looking guy with a lot of personality and quite unique, I miss him. :-)

I have to ask....I know you have your hands full, but maybe you could help me. I have a small cat colony by my house now that I would love to TNR, but don't have anywhere to keep them pre and post surgery. If I could trap them could you guys help me (or know anyone who would) TNR them? I'd figure out how to pay for the neutering/spaying myself through PAWS program since I'm in 60609 (Bridgeport-your neighbor) it's a reduced cost anyway.
Great work btw. I love hearing stories like this, it warms my heart.


R. said...

I emailed Terren that I can help with little Izzie. I know Terren from foster days a few years ago.

Yvette said...
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Yvette said...

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