Sunday, July 7, 2013

Kittens!! Harry, Hermione, and Ron

Harry with his mouse

Ron and Harry in a box

Hermione taking a rest from her crazy brothers

Ron learning the way from permanent resident Tucker

Ron. In a tiny box. With tiny string.
KITTENS -- ADOPT OUR KITTENS! Several kittens were dumped at Hyde Park Animal Clinic a few weeks ago, and although some were taken home by staff (too cute), these three came to Hyde Park Cats and were lucky enough to find a great foster home with one of our long time volunteers.  She writes:

"The three orange kittens have been a blast! Everything they do is adorable, from trying to catch each other's tails to sleeping. Each has a distinct personality (kittenality?) Harry is the leader. He is bold in exploring, brave enough to play with our adult cat (Tucker, formerly Zimmerman), and is becoming a great pouncer, often at his siblings expense. Hermione is a small little lady but doesn't let her size keep her down. She is very graceful yet can also get into a lot of mischief. She enjoys playing with her brothers but will also happily curl up on your lap for a nap. Ron is at times brave and sometimes scared. He loves to be the center of attention and will get jealous when the other cats are getting pet. He enjoys pouncing on stuffed mice and attacking his siblings tails. He has become pals with the big cat and tries to emulate him as much as possible. "

Please email to meet these kittens today! And remember, our policy is to have kittens adopted in pairs or a single to a home with a companion. 

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