Friday, June 7, 2013

Vladimir Fluffington

Vladimir Fluffington was found by a community member while walking his dog. The dog was none too happy with this new being, and so Vladimir Fluffington was brought to us. He enjoys the older male cat in his household, being cute as a button, and playing. Photo two shows relative size as compared to bed. The companions in photo one are not -- we repeat not -- available for adoption. To inquire about Vladimir Fluffington, please email

* * *

Thanks to recent donors: Anna F., who wishes us all a very (belated) happy Mama Cat Day! Our sustaining friend Mike H. Ventzislav M., adopter of Topaz and finder of Violet, who wrote in to thank us (aka MJK) for responding so quickly, for taking in Violet, who wandered into his workshop, and "for everything else you do for the HP kitties." Donors you make all the difference!

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