Friday, May 2, 2008

Mimi/Edyta is available for adoption

One of the first cats caught by this project was a pregnant female called Mimi. Poor Mimi had clearly had many kittens during her short life, but was so nice and friendly that Tree House took her in! She is now available for adoption! Her Tree House name is "Edyta" which is pronounced e-DEE-ta. She is healthy and affectionate, and loves to be pet and held.

Tree House's Bucktown branch is 1629 N. Ashland Avenue, open Tuesdays noon-8pm, Wednesdays through Friays noon-7pm, and weekends noon-6pm.

Currently Tree House has 163 cats available for adoption at the Uptown branch and 46 cats at the Bucktown branch. For more information about how to adopt and to read about all the other cats see Tree House

I was promised a pic of Edyta 'in situ' and will update when I get it!

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