Saturday, March 29, 2008

62nd Street Alley Cat Project

This blog is about a cat colony living in YOUR backyard -- near 62nd street in an alley between University and Greenwood. Do you live in the Hyde Park area? If so, please consider helping us solve this very solvable problem! We believe there are 12 cats in this colony, including, at the outset, two pregnant gals. If enough of us in the community donate or get involved, we can stop this colony from getting any bigger ... and help these cats have a better life.


Contact your local alderperson about the proposed ordinance.

We can use your money, any amount, to pay for spay/neuter surgeries for the cats. Currently PAWS Chicago offers spay/neuter surgery for feral cats for $20. If you could sponsor one cat for us, we'd be grateful!

You can also donate bags or tins of cat food.

Two important ways you can help:

  • if you have a car, can you transport cats from Hyde Park to PAWS Chicago for their surgery and/or back home? If you could commit to doing this for ONE cat it would make a world of difference!

  • do you have a place you can keep a caged cat prior to and after surgery (two or three nights total)? This could be an extra bathroom, a garage, an enclosed porch ...
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    Janet Wright said...

    This is the coolest blog! It's such a great idea. You guys are doing wonderful work! Congratulations! I love the photo of the cat's den.

    Janet Wright
    Tree House